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If you're looking for information on Fly fishing in the Columbia Gorge region. We have current intel and extensive background on fisheries from The Deschutes to Western Montana. Give us a call and talk to Paul, or come on down to the shop. 
It's not just where the fish are, It's what's up with the bugs!

Flyfishing Strategies Fly Shop
109 E 2nd St, The Dalles, Oregon

Largest Selection of Fly Tying Materials and Equipment in The Gorge.

Products & Services 

Fly fishing strategies offers the largest assortment of fly tying materials in the Columbia River Gorge. Our display racks are well stocked with essential fly trying materials, fly rods and fly reels, fishing waders and other fly fishing tackle. 

Compared to when Paul Anderson started fly tying over 35 years ago, the amount of fly tying material available now that wasn't even heard of then has increased 10-fold.

Have you heard about our Alaska trips?


  • Waders & Boots

  • Packs, Sling Packs & Vests

  • Baselayers & Fleece (Stylish Stirrups)

  • Sunglasses (Fisherman's Eyeware & Cocoons's)

  • Hats & T-Shirts

Additional Resources

  • How-to DVDs

  • Resource Books

  • Map Books


  • Forceps

  • Mitten Clamps

  • Nippers

  • Net Magnets

  • Knot Tying Tools

  • Throat Pump (Happy Fish)

  • Fly Floatant

    • Paste

    • Gel (Gink, Loon)

    • Silicon Powder

    • FlyAgra

  • Retractors

  • Sunglasses


  • Flies

  • Flylines

  • Leaders, Tippets & Backing

  • Rods & Reels

  • Nets

  • Fly Tying Material & Equipment

  • Personal Watercraft- Contact Us


No sales tax. Free shipping on orders over $25.
Lifetime warranties and cases for all Rods.

How To Fly Fish Classes 

We offer a variety of lessons, seminars, and day-trips for all skill levels:

  • Free regular seminars feature guest fly tyers.
    Refreshments are also provided. 🍩

  • Our fly fishing lessons can be individual or a group of 2-3. Current lessons available are Beginner's Fly Tying, Fly Casting and Fly Fishing 1-on-1.

  • We offer a range of day trips throughout the year, come cast with us! Learn more about our classes.


Our customers matter to us

Our customers include the seasoned fly fisher that's dedicated to the sport. We also serve those who fly fishing is an occasional hobby and those who want to try it out. We specialize in understanding your needs and desires to provide the best fly fishing gear for you, with pricing that fits within your budget.

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