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What do we look for when selecting our vendors?

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  • Integrity- Companies that stand behind their product

  • Longevity- All Rods come with a lifetime warranty and a rod case


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Atomic Glow

Atomic Glow, is based out of Vancouver, WA and features a new material for fly tying enthusiasts that offers a sustained glow for more than 8 hours that can be seen in shaded situations, such as deep or murky water.




Hareline Dubbin, LLC. manufactures and distributes some of the worlds finest fly tying materials available in today's market. Hareline products are sold through all major Fly Shops throughout the world.

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Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers began with three men (Leon P. Martuch, Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers) and a single vision, transposed into a company spanning across the globe, influencing the way modern fly fishermen interpret and practice our sport.



Waspi Fly

In 1945, Lacey Gee of Independence, Iowa began a fly tying business. With some financial help and encouragement from the owner of Wapsi Produce Company, Lacey established the Wapsi Fly Company.



Nature Spirit Fly Tying

Our mission is to procure and package fine quality, natural fly tying materials in order to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction


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Korkers designs, develops and distributes all terrain footwear featuring patented adaptable traction so outdoor enthusiasts can optimize their traction performance for every terrain and weather condition both in and out of the water.




At Waterworks-Lamson our goal has been to make gear so technically fluid you can almost forget it's there. How? By eliminating complexity, reducing weight, streamlining design, and using advanced materials and cutting edge processes.



St. Croix

St. Croix built the most advanced fishing rod facility in the world and with it, a world-class brand that has earned the respect and admiration of anglers around the planet.



Echo Fly Fishing

ECHO is a small, personable company of fly-fisher folk residing in Vancouver, Washington. We are the vision of Tim Rajeff – the culmination of his huge personality and an outlet of both creativity and service to the industry.



Dr. Slick Company

In 1989, the DR. SLICK COMPANY was founded by a surgeon with the sole purpose of creating the highest quality fishing and fly tying tools available.  Designed by fishermen, for fishermen, you'll find innovative and unique tools to suit your tying and angling needs.

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Jim Teeny

Our mission is to bring our youth back to nature thru the art and passion of fly fishing, to enjoy our outdoor resources for years to come. 

Take one of our FREE Fly Tying Seminars with Jim.  


Catch Fly Fish

The founders of CATCH all grew up on the rivers of the Rockies, making thousands of casts to get the perfect drift, the elusive rise. And like the rivers on which we grew up, underneath continuous change there remains a constant. Just as the river that keeps moving and adjusting to its environment always remains steady and determined to reach its goal, we at CATCH continue to innovate while never forgetting our one true purpose.



Fly Tyers Dungeon

Fly tyers dungeon has been offering quality unique fly tying materials for over 25 years and on the net since 1999.


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Hatch Outdoors

Over the years we’ve met thousands of anglers, attended dozens of shows and events, visited a ton of dealers, listened to the advice of hundreds of guides, met some of the pioneers of our sport and traveled the globe fly fishing. Not too shabby for a couple of overgrown children from SoCal.



Whether you favor commando-style self-support trips or floating tailgaters with gourmet meals, you know the value of that perfect piece of gear–the headlamp that helps you find your missing flip flop, the “princess pad” that saves your back, or the games and gizmos that keep the good vibes going. We stock all the supplies you need to make your overnighters memorable, in a good way.




Airflo are the world's leading manufacturer of solvent free fly lines and responsible for developing a series of innovations unparalleled by any other line manufacturer during that period. The originators of Polyurethane coatings, creating the first welded loops, developing low stretch cores and even the world's first density compensated fly lines.


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Maxxon Outfitters

Founded in 1975, Duratech was the sole manufacturer and distributor of the Maxxon inflatable boat product line, which did, and still does consist of a full line recreational and commercial watercraft including, tenders, RIB’s, kayaks, pontoons and river rafts



Beulah Fly Rods

Here at Beulah, we build quality products at an affordable price and stand behind our products as we strive to challenge and test our products through a rigorous process called "FISHING"!

Montana Fly Company

Montana Fly Company continues to provide new and innovative flies every year. We also have the best selection of classic patterns tied to MFC's high quality standards, but with an affordable price.